The Liu Game conference app is about engaging the attendees of the event. This page is meant as a support page.


Asteroids will hurtle against you. Your job is to make sure that the asteroids do not hit you. If you manage to destroy 20 asteroids without dying you complete the quest!



Sometimes, you “die”. In its essence, it means you cannot interact with the game world. In case you do “die”, you have to find a “life marker” in order to revive yourself.


Boss Battle

One of the features of the LiU Game Conference application is the multiplayer boss raiding. This game mechanic is not uncommon in games online. The is usually harder to get rid of, but much more rewarding. Tap the screen to fire off a skill to weaken it.


Schedule and quests

Of course, the app also contains a schedule and a description of the quests that could be carried out. Just tap the schedule button.