Hey guys!

Once again I have created a new game! Head on over to the games section in order to read the whole article.

Once again I attended a game jam and had great fun. This time I  attended the global game jam event and one part of the event was held in Linköping, Sweden. The concept was about the same as the previous game jam. However there were some differences. Since this was a global game jam, there was only one theme, “waves”. This theme was not announced until after an introductory video that did a pretty good job of hyping the event. Instantly after the theme was released we were grouped together and tried to come up with all kinds of (crazy) potential concepts. Our group specifically had the ideas to use gravitational waves in an fps-game where the player could make use of time and gravity (among other things), a tsunami simulator, a phone based game where you tap the screen and try to match waves, a tower defense game where the waves were represented in the form of minion waves. Of course we had many (many many) more ideas but these were the ones we presented for the other groups.

I myself went for a tower defense game which later on turned into something completely different. Initially, this tower defense game was supposed to be a PVP (player vs player) game with two phases, a build phase and an action phase. In the build phase you could choose how many minions to spawn and if you wanted to add some turrets. The minions could only be killed by certain turrets. The same turrets gave some extra stats to the your minions while they passed the turret. We played with the idea of changing the minions to music notes. One such note could be C and using a C turret would remove the C-note from the game if it was a turret of the opposing team. If the turret passed was your turret, the note would become stronger and would be harder to “kill”. One cool feature of the game was that some turrets could change the pitch of the note. This way, the players could place turrets strategically to enhance their turrets and protect them from the enemy turrets. After a long brain storming session we finally decided on a game so we started to think in terms of the setting. We got into discussions about birds, mermaids, dragons and all kinds of crazy.

I did something unexpected during the last part of these discussions and asked “do we really need to make it a top down game? How would the game be if we turned the game view by 90 degrees?”. And that was when I opened up Pandoras box. So many good ideas came out of it and the game idea changed dramatically. It became a game where sirens are fighting for their survival while the more advanced mermaids spread out in the ocean. It became a real time pvp game with no phases and the turrets turned into buttons which move the notes up or down.