This game is a 2D action game in space, much like the classic asteroids game. In this game there are a couple of modifications however. First of all, there are no asteroids in the current version of the game. Instead, they are replaced by alien ships. Also, there is a limit to how far you can move the ships around due to fuel consumption. Furthermore, you do not die instantly if you are hit by the lasers of the enemy ships, you lose HP. However, if you crash into one of the enemy ships, you do die instantly.

There are pickups on the map. These look like satellites and reward the player fuel, movement speed, laser damage, warp drives (teleportation), nukes or emps. The warp drive enables the player to instantly teleport himself to a designated location circumventing the fuel consumption. Nukes destroy enemy ships instantly (but travel slowly) and the emps destroy enemies in a circle around the ship currently activating the emp. Furthermore, the nukes destroy asteroids while shooting laser only moves an asteroid from its location. Anything that crashes into an asteroid is instantly destroyed. This enables the player to make use of the environment while playing the levels.


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