This game is a result of a 48 hour game jam. The theme of the game jam was “waves”. In this game, the sirens are about to be extinct and replaced by the mermaids so they fight for their place in the ocean. You take the role of either sirens or the mermaids and make use of their voices to disable the opponent. If the musical notes collide with each other, they are canceled out. If however the music note hits one of the opposing characters, that character is disabled. . Your goal is to either disable all the opponents characters or to get two music notes past the opposing side. . In order to balance the game and pave way for strategic play, you can manipulate the path of the musical notes. Also, in order to prevent one strategy (simply spam out notes) spawn timers (seen in the form of a note in the top corners) were added as well as a concept of resource management. Notes “cost” 5 resources and depending on how far they travel your resources are filled up. If the notes travel further than half the screen your “investment” payed off. Since this is a fast paced game the player is notified who currently is in the lead by changing the background music. The sirens have a more gloomy, sinister sound while the mermaids have a sound that resembles salsa.

My role in the team was programming the game mechanics and sound. All in all, the team consisted of a sound engineer / artist, two programmers, and two artists (one for the background elements and the different game over screens and one for the foreground elements, characters and buttons). We all acted as game designers.

Here are some screens.




And here is a game play video

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