This game is an action shooter drawing inspirations from various games. The setting: Lucian, the main protagonist, is in the underworld looking to save his girl, Senna, who was taken by Thresh. The underworld is full of monsters and demons that do not like living trespassers. As soon as he steps foot in a room, they start attacking.

Some key mechanics: Shooting (of course), Inverse Kinematics for kick-ass action, camera shakes to indicate damage was taken, volumetric fog for creating an eerie look and feel, post-processing effects to make the game look crisper.

There is much more work to do with this project and but this was done as a challenge to myself (to create a game in one week while working full time and being a father to a newly born child).

Some future work includes powerups, boss-battles, spawn-animations, enemy skills.

Characters are properties of Riot Games.

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