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Box Shooter is a first person shooter game where the player has 10 seconds to get as much points as possible. There are different kinds of boxes, green ones which reward the player a 10 points, white ones which add time and red ones which penalize the player. Also, there are stars which reward the player a lot. However, they disappear after a brief moment.

The first level is just a warm up and consists only of boxes and the goal is to hit the 50 point mark. In the second level however, the player is presented with a couple of moving objects which cannot be destroyed. Get as many points as possible and post it in the comments below (preferably with a screenshot) 😉



Green – reward 10 points
Stars – reward 500 points
White – add time
Red – subtract time


Mouse movement – aim
left mouse button – shoot
space – shoot
w / up – move forward
a / left  – move left
s / down – move backward
d / right – move right

Unity WebGL Player | Box-shooter

Unity WebGL Player | Box-shooter


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