So the last few days since the release of Box Shooter VR have been interesting. I have been working on some updates for the game and yesterday I pushed the new content up on their store. I really hope the new update will be out before christmas. What a wonderful joy that would bring. Think of all the children getting their new VR headsets, ready to experience the new and fantastic world of VR. Oh the joy! Sometimes I wish I was a child again, experiencing things all over again for the first time.

Well anyway, there are a couple of new boxes and power ups. However, some power up boxes will render you unable to shoot for a number of seconds. You can now shoot laser through your eyes. How cool is that? There is now a frantic mode and a normal mode. The frantic mode is the mode with all the new boxes and the power ups. Also, the turorial is an option now. You are not required to go through with it. You could just start playing. Head on over to the oculus store and try it out