jousef_gabro_265x400Hi and welcome!

My name is Jousef Gabro, also known as “Juice” by my friends and collegues (hence the name of this site). I am very (VERY!) interested in learning new things and getting to know how things work. What is the worth of knowledge if it is not shared? I thought I would start a webpage that contains all kinds of knowledge. I hope you find at least something of interest and learn a thing or two. This website (although a bit thin at the moment) will contain software and computer graphics related thoughts and articles, personality and management related stuff and much more. My vision for the future is to make this site a source of knowledge for a wide variety of people.

I have a M.Sc degree in media technology (computer science) and software development. During my spare time I create games, take things apart and try to understand the things that make them tick (and possibly fix them). Oh, and by the way, trying to understand how things work is a concept I apply on all kinds of things, like drawing, playing the piano, software security etc. By knowing why things are as they are I can figure out how the things can be used and thus create something interesting, like games.

Stay tuned for additional content and if you have any questions or things you are interested in that you might want me to look into, do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay!